Erasing Women from… Judo

Man vs. woman fight at Shooto 45 in Brazil was just a publicity stunt | MMA  Junkie

Ridiculous and shameful: judo succumbs to crazy politics

Women are dropping out of jiu-jitsu tournaments because they don’t want to compete against men who say they’re women. It simply isn’t fair (

Trust me, I know about this. I was on the Rutgers University judo team. From time to time I was matched against men twice my size who knew as much judo as I did. Sometimes more. I might as well have stayed home.

We had a young woman on our team. Her technique wasn’t bad; but there never seemed to be any other women she could compete with, only men–and so she never won. The men were just too strong. But at that time there was no “men’s judo” or “women’s judo”–just judo.

In 1995 the North American Grappling Assn. (we are already drifting away from pure judo) was established. Until recently, it did not allow men to compete against women. But now, of course, it does–enter the trannies. In a recent tournament in Georgia, a man claiming to be a women won four gold medals… competing against real women.

At a recent tournament in Brazil, women dropped out of the competition because they didn’t want to tackle trannies. Why bother? They couldn’t win.

And so another sport practically erases women as participants. It’s something to be ashamed of.

We can’t help wondering whether the goal is to erase women altogether.

12 comments on “Erasing Women from… Judo

  1. I can’t believe that anyone would seek to exploit the rules like this for an unfair advantage. I’m pretty certain that I could win a weightlifting contest if the rest of the contestants were small children, but I’m not about to enter such a contest.

  2. The genuine women are preserving their health. There’s already been cases of those men posing as women in MMA fights giving their female opponents serious injuries and concussions. I used to love watching MMA, but it’s been tainted as well.

  3. All it would take is for enough people to stand up against this insanity. Or those who are sane to refuse to partake in any event in which men who think they are women and involved.

    I understand, some women who spent years training in their sport would never get to compete, its not fair, but if this is not stopped, there will be no women’s sports to compete in.

    1. There are certainly woman who realize that, and say so.
      I do not understand why there’s any such thing as the transgender movement.

  4. Where are the men, who should be standing against this? Where are the men, who, when they see their daughters swimming against men, need to stand against that, but why do they say nothing? Where are the men, who see this in Judo, men competing against women, but do nothing?

  5. This ubiquitous view of being pro-trannie in sports is the most disturbing thing in the world today. Who are these people who think it is okay? I personally don’t know anyone who does. Do you?

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