I’m Going to Be on the Air

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I just can’t get off the launching pad today–maybe because it’s raining again, as it rained all weekend. I could go back to bed.

But I’ve got to sharpen up! A broadcaster in Wisconsin wants me to be a guest on his show: he liked my NWV column last week (“Government: The Problem, Not the Solution”), and it sounds like he wants to let me rock and roll.

Gee, it’s been a few years since I was on the air. I hope I don’t start babbling.

Well, let me see if a cigar can perk me up. I’m pretty sure the nooze won’t.

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  1. Be prayed up, Lee, and just be your lovable sarcastic self. I keep getting a reaction sometimes by a message in bold letters that says I have replied too often to your Blog. Anyone else having that problem? I just reboot and go back to the page and comment again and then it works. Got to love that Word Press.

    1. Yeesh! The last thing I need is any limitation on readers’ comments–the more, the better.
      I’ll be doing the interview tomorrow morning.

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