‘Red China’s Worse Than You Thought’ (2020)

The US and China need to turn down the heat, says California governor Gavin  Newsom: 'Divorce is not an option'

Newsom and Xi–perfect together

While Gavin “Running for president–who, me?” Noisome visits China and schmoozes with its communist overlords, his Democrat sidekicks sell us out to China every chance they get.

Red China’s Worse Than You Thought

A few years ago the Chicoms started marketing their own off-the-wall corruption of the Gospel–the one they just made up. There are 100 million Christians there who had to be very quiet about this, lest the government kill them. ‘Cause that’s how they resolve their differences in China: the government kills you.

Remember that, the next time you see the Democrat Party, the teachers’ unions, and the National Basketball Assn. sucking up to the Chicoms.

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  1. They better keep in mind that we are not for sale – at any price- and we are not their’s
    to sell.

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