One Interview, Coming Up

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Ed Begley Sr. recalled a time one night when he was on Broadway, performing in Inherit the Wind, and when he went to deliver his lines, “I opened my mouth and nothing came out but garbage!”

Out of practice for several years, I’ll be doing an interview this morning and I hope it turns out well. I have one advantage over Mr. Begley: this won’t be live radio. Mistakes can be edited out.

Now I’ve got half an hour to bone up on the subject that the host wants to discuss–my recent writings on government’s insatiable desire for more and more power over us. The tactics are different from what they were in 50 B.C., but the objective is always the same.

So pour a cup of tea and get to work! Hurry up, you’ve only got a half-hour to get ready…

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  1. Please emphasize how the U.S. Constitution was created to put chains on the federal government, and how now 80% of what the federal government is doing today is unConstitutional.

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