Rushdoony: ‘Is The Church Obsolete?’

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Jesus has left the building.

This isn’t exactly an upbeat feel-good Sunday sermon. It’s more in the nature of “tough love.”

These essays by Rushdoony were first published over 20 years ago. If anything, they’re even more relevant than they were back then! We have seen, in recent years, a pagan idol carted into the Vatican, “goddess worship” in several Protestant denominations, free passes handed out for every kind of sin you can think of.

Yes, too many churches have indeed become obsolete.

And yes, the Lord will judge them. He surely will.

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  1. Yeah don’t forget the drag sermons. The only thing good I can say about any of it is we can take one look at these “churches” and steer clear. It’s those who are covert and insidious about what creeps into their sermons that worry me more. “Serpent and dove,” I remind myself. 🐍 and 🕊️

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