Alarm! Alarm! New Speaker Is a Theocrat!

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson in photos

New Speaker! “OUR DEMOCRACY” is doomed!

All the Far Left nooze media have got their heads on backwards as they wail and gnash their teeth over the election of Mike Johnson (R-LA) as Speaker of the House (,legitimate%20source%20for%20public%20policy.&text=He%20was%20most%20candid%20about,but%20a%20%E2%80%9Cbiblical%E2%80%9D%20republic.). They have crossed over into hysteria.

Gasp! He’s a theocrat! He has a Bible in his house!

Gasp! He thinks we live in a republic, not a democracy! (The Constitution, Article IV Section 4, guarantees the U.S. a republican form of government.)

Holy war! Ram his religion down everybody’s throats! “The Guardian” was so upset, their Accredited Journalist promoted the Speaker to the No. 2 spot, ahead of Vice President Whatsername (the light of sanity trying to break through?).

Johnson must be really good, if all the really bad guys hate and fear him so.

Waddaya want to bet that if he worshiped some pagan Pachamama they’d be singing his praises in the street?

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  1. In reality, all of creation is a theocrasy because Jesus is Lord of everything (John 1:1-5). America is a Republic that is ruled by law, and the ultimate law of the Republic was written by Christian men who believed the Bible as our wisest guide.

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