A Runaway Electric Bus

“Progress is our most impotent product!”

Back to the old drawing board?

A “100% electric bus” owned by Google suddenly lost all power the other day, conked out halfway up a hill–and rolled back down, colliding with another nine vehicles before crashing to a stop (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/11/report-googles-green-dream-goes-downhill-100-electric/).


Why couldn’t the driver stop the bus? Were the brakes electric, too? This could have easily killed people. It must have been quite a sight to see. Imagine crossing the street and suddenly this bus is rolling right at you–backwards.

The wizards of globalism intend to strip us of our freedom of movement by doing away with our gasoline-powered cars. Electric vehicles cost a fortune–and anyhow, they’re planning “15-minute cities” in which no one ever has to travel for more than 15 minutes to any of a few approved destinations. Walk, ride your bike, or climb into the bus with the chickens like they do in Africa.

Why am I not the least bit surprised that this incident happened in San Francisco?

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  1. If the news media hated EVs as much as Trump, imagine the firestorm of hatred they could stir up within a few days against EVs, with so much real fodder, such as this story to use. That is something to add to our prayer requests. The news medias real reporting on this issue.

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