You Can’t Vote ‘None Of The Above’

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You can hear the crickets chirping in the background.

Today in my one-party, Democrats-only home town is Election Day. I haven’t missed a vote since I first became eligible to vote in 1967… but I haven’t voted yet today.

It’s one of those rare instances when one may honestly ask, “Why bother?” There are no Republicans on the ballot, and the Dems have made a mess of this town. As the only party around, they’re able to do anything they please without having to account for it. They have a 100 percent chance of being re-elected. So my going to the polls would be a mere gesture. And I’m getting tired of those.

I can only hope and pray for a Trump landslide next year that reaches down even to my neighborhood–and sweeps the villains out of office.

4 comments on “You Can’t Vote ‘None Of The Above’

  1. You really ought to go to the polls and check in anyway, just to keep your registration current. Depending on the machines they’re using in your area, you may even be able to “complete” a blank ballot. I voted today, but only against the two issues (legalized baby murder and child grooming amendment, plus legalized marijuana) and the two levies (school and library). Oh, and I voted against our current mayor. Even though I’d never heard of his opponent, I figured it would be hard to be worse than he’s been and probably no one else ever heard of his opponent either so it really didn’t matter. As for the rest of the ballot, candidates’ parties weren’t listed and I figured they were all stinkers anyway, so I left all those blank. All I’d wanted to do anyway was vote against the two issues.

  2. The Left’s goal is for the whole country to be like New Jersey. I see where your Governor Murphey finally received some national attention, except it was for being a big Taylor Swift fan and for using taxpayers’ money to pay for his ticket to her over-priced concert.

    1. I once predicted the Baltic States would get out from under the Soviet Union before New Jersey got free of the teachers’ union.
      I hate being right sometimes.

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