Another EV Bites the Dust–er, Water

Watching A Tesla Model X Burn Underwater Is Baffling - The Autopian

On a balmy October day in Florida, a couple for whom they’re holding no telethons drove down to the boat ramp in their Tesla Model X to launch their jet ski.

Something went wrong ( The electric car slid down the ramp, caught fire, and burned furiously underwater (!) until the fire company extinguished it with flame-proof blankets. And they had to be really careful fishing it out of the water and setting it aside someplace where it wouldn’t matter if it caught fire again.

Hey! Are those EVs ready for prime time?  (Do you feel lucky?)

Incidentally, the couple had rather a narrow escape. Coulda been fricaseed right there on the boat ramp.

Let us not forget that the end game is to strip us plebs of the freedom of movement that gas-powered cars have given us for several generations. So electric cars cost a fortune, the batteries alone cost a fortune… and they burst into flame when you least expect it. So it looks like only the elites who can afford this **** will be able to go anywhere. The rest of us can wait in the rain for the bus and then climb aboard with the goats and chickens. Third World, here we are!

I admit I have virtually no sympathy for jet ski users. Not much for yuppies, either. But they don’t deserve to be roasted! Just to make some Greenie feel righteous.

Just remember: first your cars, then your freedom. They’re taking it away.

4 comments on “Another EV Bites the Dust–er, Water

  1. And to think Ralph Nader and his acolytes made their fortunes by getting various cars to catch fire and then use those fires as an excuse to ban the cars because (ahem) cars that catch fires shouldn’t be on the road….. Golly gee, where are all those (ahem) consumer advocates now that EVs are catching fire all over the place?

  2. EVs are expensive, and that’s after all the subsidizing of them by the Biden Administration. There are 13 battery manufacturing plants to go into production in the USA by 2025, and several of them are owned by communist China. What could go wrong? Everything.

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