Liberace With Feathers

As Samuel Johnson might have said, of a chicken playing Puccini on a piano keyboard: it’s not done well, but you’re surprised it’s done at all. How well could you play, no-handed? Hand that hen a cup of corn!

9 comments on “Liberace With Feathers

  1. The chicken has obviously been trained to peck at keys as they become illuminated. Must have taken quite a while — probably started with treats every time the chicken pecked an illuminated key.

  2. Yeah, of course I could play that just as good, and maybe better with just my nose. With two years of training, eight hours a day, no problem. And I would not even need a cup of corn.

    However, why would I want too? And I wonder, is that the dream, the lifelong ambition the chicken wanted, what she had in mind as her life’s goal?

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