Kitten Doubles as Baby-Sitter

This is not a grown-up cat, but these three baby chicks don’t know that: they think she’ll do as a foster mother. Look at them cuddle up with her, and fall asleep… and she doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe she’s practicing motherhood for future kittens.

A Mother Hen for Kittens

“Mother hen” is no figure of speech: this hen really is acting as a mother to three kittens. It’d never happen in the wild, but once you domesticate animals, all bets are off.

And you thought the story of Romulus and Remus was a fairy tale…

‘Under My Wings’

Hens shelter their chicks under their wings; even so, God shelters us, the Bible teaches. The lesson is found in Psalm 91, and repeated by Our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 23.

I guess I’ve seen too many videos: the more I see of chickens, and learn about them, the more I admire them. I could never raise them so I could eat them. I’ll be the ninny whose living room is overrun with chickens.

Courageous Chickens (Yes, We Said Chickens)

Don’t even think about molesting these hens’ baby chicks. I doubt the goat had any intention to do harm–but the dog? Better safe than sorry, says the mother hen. And surely the safest place for chicks is under mommy’s wings.

The more I see of chickens, the more I respect them. These are truly noble animals.

Playing With A Grumpy Chicken

Here’s a little cat who wants to play, but there’s no one around to play with. (We’ve all been there.) But wait! There’s a nice chicken, I’ll go play with her.

What a surly reception the poor cat gets. Chickens don’t impress me as all that playful, although they do have their good qualities. If a chicken chases you, it’s because you’ve cheesed her off.

Live and learn, kitty. Live and learn.

Chickens Show Kids Who’s Boss

Actually, there was a video with some really funny clips, but I rejected it because it showed stupid kids, old enough to know better, picking on chickens. Mostly the chickens got the better of them: so there was justice.

The kids in this video (by contrast) don’t truly deserve to be pushed around by chickens, but no humans were harmed in filming it and maybe some lessons were learned.

The Inquiring Rooster

It’s obvious this rooster is looking for something–but what? The video is labeled “Friendly rooster follows owner”–do they mean whoever’s holding the camera?

Note the rooster’s unusual feathery feet. It looks like he’s wearing slippers.

Well, we can’t ask him what he’s looking for… but we can speculate to our hearts’ content.

‘I Thought You Said “Chicken Magnet”!’

It’s not easy to become a chick magnet. Especially when you think you heard “chicken.”

My question for the chicken who’s so determinedly chasing the dog: What would you do if you caught him?

Sleepy Peepy

Look at this! You can get an excited baby chick to fall asleep by gently rubbing its belly. You wouldn’t believe how many different kinds of lizards I’ve tried this on, and it worked on all of them. Would it work on an adult chicken? Betcha it would.

Our cats, Robbie and Peep, like having their bellies rubbed, but it doesn’t put them to sleep. It would if they were lizards. But then they wouldn’t be nice and furry.

Now That’s Cute!

All right, all right… so I should call myself “the Sappy Swordsman.” But I can’t help it–these two are irresistible. Kitten and chick cuddle up together for a nap: domestication does some strange and wonderful things.