‘Mass Evangelistic Movement in Nicaragua’

Now that’s a crowd!

Over half a million people in Nicaragua (pop. 6 million) have attended Christian outreach rallies this year, so far–and more are expected (https://cmsedit.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2023/november/massive-move-of-god-in-nicaragua-650-000-attend-thousands-choose-christ-miracles-abound).

Two missionary organizations have held the rallies–Mountain Gateway and Shake the Nations Ministries. All told, they estimate they’ve reached 650,000 people. That’s over 10 percent of the country!

We should all be jumping for joy over this. The worldwide Church that belongs to Jesus Christ Our Lord is alive and well–and growing. So the nooze media don’t cover it? I think someday they’ll be taken very much by surprise.

Keep it going, brothers! The Lord is with us.

8 comments on “‘Mass Evangelistic Movement in Nicaragua’

  1. Coming to your town soon, but seriously what is it going to take to see this happening anywhere in the US? Lord help us, in Jesus’ name I pray.

  2. As badly as our civilization has eroded, there are many people coming to Christ. God promised to shake the nations so that the desirable things would come out. It’s happening. BTW, the greatest rate of growth in Christianity is in, of all places, Iran.

  3. I have an urgent prayer request for myself. I noticed about a week ago a numbness in my hands, and yesterday in my feet and this morning and as right now, the way it is progressing in a few hours I will be totally paralyzed, I am having a problem even typing this

  4. Thanks for this post – I didn’t know about this move of God. We are praying for it to happen here. Prayers for Elder Mike, paralysis sounds frightening. I received an encouraging repot from my oncologist today -no need for chemo after all. The strong hormone drug I am taking has already lowered my PSA reading from 151 to 13 – Praise the Lord.

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