Urgent Prayer Request: Elder Mike

We have an urgent prayer request for our friend and colleague, Elder Mike. He’s got a creeping numbness in his hands and feet that’s now threatening to spread–in a matter of hours, he fears.

O Lord our God! Your servant Michael needs you now! Hear our prayers for him. Please, Father, protect him and heal him. Be swift to come to his aid. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

11 comments on “Urgent Prayer Request: Elder Mike

  1. My prayers going out for Mike. I have several friends and acquaintenances who are having these symptoms. In fact, I have had them myself. Our God can heal all problems.

  2. In answer to Lee’s question; in most cases, it was never determined, but in two cases,
    it was tentatively diagnosed as sensitivity or allergy to covid vac. In my case, with stroke,
    and then heart attack, there was no further diagnosis.

    1. Erlene and Lee, about the “Anonymous” label…. I’ve discovered that sometimes WordPress arbitrarily signs us out, and then when we make a comment we become “Anonymous.” Always check the lower left-hand corner of the comment box. If you have the blue box with the white sideways “G” in it, you’re signed in. You can click on the “G” to open the panel and check your notifications. But if instead you have a lineup of little letter boxes and an “or sign in with” notice, click on the little box with the “W” and you’ll be re-signed in to WordPress so your name will appear.

    2. Thanks, Phoebe. None of this material is displayed at my end, though. It’d be too bad if I wound up as Anonymous on my own blog.

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