Up and Down Puppies

Ignore the annoying noozie narrator. These are very cute puppies and it’s fun to watch them learning how to navigate stairs. Courage, pups! If my iguana could do it, you can do it. Someday you’ll be doing zoomies up and down the stairs.

[P.S.–Please continue to pray for Elder Mike. We haven’t heard from him today.]

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  1. Thank you for your prayers. I did leave a reply here. And it was here, but I came back to review it, and now my reply is gone! I will place it here again.

    Update. The creeping numbness stopped but is still there, and seems to have gotten a bit better. I was able to see a doctor yesterday. He did an examination, but there was really nothing he could do, but he did give me a supplement to help “nourish” my nerves and made a few other suggestions of things that I should do. I had a blood test this morning, and will be seeing the doctor in an hour or so to go over the results. I have a general feeling of unwellness today, kind of like a UTI infection, of which I have had a few since I have been here.

    As bad as it might be at times in the USA, don’t complain about seeing the doctor in the USA until you experience what goes on at times here. Sometimes people travel a long way to see a doctor, and might have to wait all day, and sleep at the clinic before they get to see the doctor. And not only that, there are other things, that at times has me just shaking my head, at what I observed. Here is a bit from my new book about some of what I experienced in a few hospitals here:

    “None too soon, it was over, and I was wheeled out of the OR to a hallway, there were no recovery rooms in that hospital … I went back to the emergency room while waiting for a private room. While waiting, I noticed three cats roaming around, and one was a mother. I wondered, where in the emergency room were her litter of kittens stashed. I didn’t worry, cats are clean animals. And to keep everything hygienic, they even lick their private parts often to keep everything nice and tidy. I was discharged the next day …

    Now the blockage had to be operated upon, so off to another hospital to have the procedure done. While waiting outside the OR, I thought I heard a meow, no, it can’t be, we’re on the third floor, right outside the operating room. It turned out, that was the home address of the resident cat. I had no concern, I remembered, cats are very clean critters. But was the staff feeding these cats, or did they have to find their own food, perhaps, small, or some of the larger variety of rodents? Well, just things to dwell on during my surgery… “

    1. At least it sounds better than what I’ve heard of Cuban hospitals. We are blessed to have a rather good hospital just two miles down the road.
      Please keep us posted, Mike–we’re all praying for you.

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