Beware ‘Spiritual Religion’

This powerful message from Nathan Conkey, embellished with an apt quote by R.J. Rushdoony, has been posted on Facebook by Ford Schwartz, a director of the Chalcedon Foundation.

It’s gotten so a red flag goes up whenever we hear the term “spiritual religion.” Basically it means forget God’s Word and let your own word be your guide–and for all its current popularity, in all too many churches and seminaries, it is not Christianity. Writes Mr. Conkey, this “so-called ‘spiritual’ religion must be abandoned… and defunded.” Amen to that!

5 comments on “Beware ‘Spiritual Religion’

  1. Absolutely amazing how far afield some churches have wandered. I consider the Scriptures my daily bread and I would starve without it. The very best thing I ever did was come to the Lord and leave the nonsense of the world and all its craziness.

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