About That Word ‘Jidrool’…

Funny smiling dancing cucumber on white background

I’ve been known to describe a certain kind of annoying person as “a jidrool.” The meaning is generally made quite clear by context; but where did that word come from?

“Jidrool”  (or “jadrool,” etc.) is a corruption of the Italian word for a cucumber, “chetriolo (or “citrulo”). But why pick on the cucumber? Why should the poor cucumber be synonymous with intractable stupidity?

Because it’s green? Or, “Giuseppe has no more brains than a cucumber”? The answer to this question has been lost in the deeps of time. Probably Julius Caesar could have answered it.

But whatever its history, it certainly sounds like a well-earned term of abuse. It’s not something you hear everywhere you go; but here, twenty miles from New York City, it’s heard fairly often. As in “Those jidrools in Congress.”

5 comments on “About That Word ‘Jidrool’…

  1. That’s a great word…I don’t mean great as in something great, but great as in great, as great can be used in a great or greater way, more greater then great can become, when it reaches its greatest heights of greatness.

  2. Too bad jidrools were not required to read this blog. My spell-check always tells me I am spelling jidrool as a word that doesn’t exist. Some jidrool must have created the algorithm for censoring.

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