Woke Stupid Nonsense… to Contemplate

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See if you can stay with me here. I know it’s hard–but we are after understanding.

*Everyone and everything should be made equal, if not identical.

*Everyone and everything (except for obvious exceptions, like Christianity or truth) must be “included” in whatever we say, do, or think of.

*When you have successfully achieved those objectives, you have probably achieved Diversity.

With that in mind, I think it’s time we went beyond just handing out Participation Trophies to everyone who shows up. Like, why is “participation” better than “non-participation”? Why do you have to be there, to get a trophy, when they could always mail it to you?

Yes! The next step in achieving true uniform Diversity is to hand out Non-Participation Trophies to everyone who did not show up, did not get involved in any way, who does not even care or know about whatever thing you’re awarding trophies for. Why should some people get trophies and others not?

“Inclusion” means inclusion of everything and everybody. Except Christians, etc. Diversity thrives on uniformity! Inclusion on exclusion!

You know the rest.

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