Tuckered Out!

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Oosh, I’m tired! I needed a longer weekend, but here it is, Monday again.

Will anybody be really mad at me if I just do my grocery shopping–no way I can get out of it–and then take the afternoon off? Lord willing, I’ll be back a little later with a critter video. Meanwhile, the pool of creativity needs re-filling.

Seems to be a lot of this going around, these days. Well, those last two or three years were really hard on lots and lots of people… and we haven’t yet got over them, have we?

6 comments on “Tuckered Out!

  1. Take a rest for as long as you need it. I understand. Yesterday I thought I was starting to recover from the bug I had, but in the afternoon I was running a low-grade fever again. I suppose working around the church on Saturday and Sunday put too much strain on my recovery mechanism. So this morning — while doing even more work around the church, of course — I told the other sacristan that I’d be staying home tomorrow. She agreed that it would be a good idea, especially since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Meanwhile, we were both barking like seals (i.e., coughing), but she insisted that her barking was just “dry mouth,” not the nasty cold that’s going around.

    Anyway, at least I’ve been able to sit up at the computer for a while before lunch. I can’t guarantee the rest of the day. I have a tendency to fall asleep a lot right now.

  2. Well, at least I’m not the only one experiencing all this bothersome stuff. I would encourage
    you to take all the rest you need. I have many days when I absolutely cannot do much of anything and I just have to accept it. I’ll be praying for both of you along with many others in the same boat..

  3. We are not to grow weary in doing good, knowing are work in the Lord is not in vain. It is normal for Christian soldiers of the cross to experience compassion fatigue from time to time. We are to rest in the Lord from our works knowing He is in charge. We can plant, and we can water, but God gives the increase.

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