Can You Believe This ****?

Alejandro Mayorkas' Vision for the DHS, Immigration Reform | Time

What circus did this clown quit to join the government?

(I wasn’t going to write any nooze today, but this just has to be mentioned.)

The Biden gang’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, has instructed border patrol agents to address border-jumpers by their “preferred pronouns” (

What else do you need to know about the crowd of clowns currently operating what we laughingly refer to as our government? What’s next? Make sure you use woke pronouns when you arrest an armed robber?

Let me outta here.

9 comments on “Can You Believe This ****?

  1. The same clowns were more concerned with the media “misgendering” that murderer who shot up kids in Tennessee. I think they’re all participating in a contest to see who can out-lunatic one another.

  2. I’m sure these border jumpers from many different countries, who speak many different languages — none of them English — know exactly what “pronouns” are, can specify what theirs are, and can even understand what they’re being asked. I’m also sure that the border guards will be able to use the pronouns of dozens of different languages when they’re giving instructions in English. Of course. Why not?

    But it’s not supposed to make sense, and Mayorkas and his bosses and lackeys know exactly what they’re doing, which is to mess up whatever is left of border control. And then to laugh at all of us who are calling them clowns instead of doing something to stop them.

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