All Our Presidents… Stunk on Toast?

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I’ve just heard, on the car radio, Bill O’Reilly discussing a book that he and his staff are working on, to be released next year. The working title is “Confronting the Presidents”–in which every president will be “confronted.”

With what? I gather from what O’Reilly said that this’ll cover the presidents’ failings, sins, quirks, skeletons in the family closet–everything bad. Everything that makes you wonder how any of them ever could have wound up being president.

We don’t like to think we’re handing over the nuclear launch codes to criminals, idiots, or lunatics. And who in his right mind can argue that we’ve never had anybody really bad as president?

But all of them? They were all wastes of space?

(Proof that God’s divine providence holds us up when we ought to be face-down on the asphalt…)

What profit is there in this exercise? We hope our constitutional and legal safeguards will protect us from any Bad Guy who slithered into the White House. But is this the kind of history we really want? This kind of scrutiny? Never mind presidents–who, including our own selves, can come out smelling like a rose?

Classical historians, like Plutarch and Livy, thought we should read history to learn what good works to emulate and what evil works to avoid. I don’t think they’d agree that everyone whose life they studied and wrote about was a bad egg.

We need to think harder about what use we make of history.

9 comments on “All Our Presidents… Stunk on Toast?

  1. Just more neo-Marxist negativism meant to denigrate the USA and present the denigrater as a superior order of being. I’d say ho-hum except that this type of thing has already done so much damage.

    1. Okay, now I’m the one who didn’t follow my own advice and check to see whether I was logged in before hitting the reply button. I’m the one who made the above comment about neo-Marxist denigration. Grr.

    2. And O’Reilly has never been a real conservative.

      By the way, the reason I was so careless about checking my log-in status was partly because I was responding on my phone, having turned off my computer so I could rest on the couch – and partly because I was so groggy that I needed to rest in the first place. This cold or whatever it is has been wearing me out. I just got through a 10-minute choking-coughing-hacking-retching-nose-blowing session, trying to clear the pipes of gunk that had accumulated after I’d made the mistake of lying down. I’m sleeping sitting up these days. But not to worry; the good news is that when I do get to sleep at night I’ve been sleeping like a rock. (Query: How do rocks sleep, and more to the point, how do they wake up?) (See, I can still make bad jokes.)

  2. O’Reilly is a cipher. I can’t figure him out. The best policy is to save your money, and no buy his drivel.

    Every president has had flaws, and in some cases, very serious ones, but there have been many effective, wise presidents.

  3. Since the creation of the United Nations our Presidents have been pretty much picked by the globalist elites/Deep State. Trump is the one who has not participated in their global meetings public and private before winning the White House. When Present Bush ran against Kerry, they both were former members of Yale’s secret society Skulls & Bones. When asked about Skull & Bones during their campaign they said it was “secret.”

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