Stabbed in School (Toldja So)

Stabbed right there in gym class.

Reason No. 51,792 not to send your child to public school–

She might get stabbed.

That’s what happened to a teen at Ola Middle School in Georgia, back on March 15 ( The girl was stabbed 14 times by a classmate, and there’s a $3 million lawsuit in the works.

Because, says the girl’s mother, school officials (the usual suspects) knew the other girl was bringing a knife to school, knew she’d threatened other students… and did jim bloody nothing.

Several other students filmed the attack: those cell phones will surely play a role in the trial.

Anyway, NOW the girl is out of Ola Middle School and receiving home schooling. It’s a lot safer than being anywhere under the management of School Officials who can’t manage anything.

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