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Comment Contest: Amended!

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I’ve decided to change the comment contest.

We have 32,208 comments so far, and I first set the goal at 35,000. But after thinking it over for a couple of days, that looks like a not-so-hot idea.

So the goal is now set at 33,000. Whoever posts Comment No. 33,000 wins an autographed copy of one of my books. That’s less than 800 to go, folks–piece of cake.

Anyone can enter, and if you’ve won already, well, you can win again. All comments are eligible, except: comments which abuse anyone else on this site; comments containing blasphemy or profanity, no f-bombs allowed; commercials thinly disguised as comments (don’t even think about it); or comments simply too inane to publish. Other than the above, anything goes.

This should only take two weeks or so–right? Please prove me right, I’ll appreciate it.

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