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‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God’

This is 3,000 men at the Shepherds’ Conference singing A Mighty Fortress Is Our God–turn up the volume!

I don’t know about you, but I need my refuge in that mighty fortress.

‘A Safe Stronghold’

From my “playground player” chess forum, courtesy of my friend “optimal play”–A Safe Stronghold, performed by the Scottish Festival Singers.

And I’m sitting here thinking, “Gee, this sounds familiar…” Duh! Well, it should! It’s Ein Feste Burg, which we Americans are used to translating as “A Mighty Fortress.” Anyway, I have thanked him for the hymn and decided to share it with you.

By Request, ‘A Mighty Fortress’

It was 500 years ago today that Martin Luther changed the world by starting the still-ongoing reformation of the Church. He also wrote A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, requested this morning by “thewhiterabbit” to honor Reformation Day.

Turn up the volume! I don’t know who’s singing, but they’re awfully good.

Go, go, go! ‘A Mighty Fortress’

Go ahead and try not to be moved by this! A Mighty Fortress is Our God, performed by the students at Fountainview Academy–and in the background an image of the Coliseum, scene of human sacrifice to the false god of the Roman state: overcome and brought to nothing by Jesus Christ the Son of God.

For our fortress is built without hands, that no hands can destroy…

‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God’

Martin Luther’s hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, contains lyrics we would all do well to heed. We need to stop giving Satan more than his due, and carrying on like we think the devil is the god of this world and none can stand against him. God has already numbered Satan’s days, and stoked up the fire good and hot for him.

If you’re Catholic, you can still join in: because in 2009 Pope Benedict said “Luther was right” in translating St. Paul’s teaching to read that we are saved by faith alone, and not by any works of ours. Go ahead, you could look it up.

I Annalize the Debait

Image result for hillary clinton big mouth

Ha-ha stopid Lee he had to go outt so i can “get” in “hear” and annalize the Pressadental De-Bait “thay had Last” nihgjt and HILLERY SHE WON SHE WHON SO BIG IT ‘”IS” NOTT EEVEN FUNY!!!!

Acterly i wastnt abel to whatch it “my” moth Antenners thay wher itching Something feerce and i hadd “to” kepe My head stuck in the friezer For “as” long as i culd but annyway HILLERY SHE WON and she din eeven have to Use “all” her Best stuff! Like Free Collidge Tution for Evryboddy in the Uniferse and The Rich thay wil haveto “pay” for it! and Evven beter than “that” “she” wil lissen To us Interllecturals al the time and Doo al “the” things we Advice her to doo!! So if thare is annother de-bait then She “wil” stil have Goood stuff to use. Iff that Darnold Trump he evven Has the “gutts” to show Up affer the beatdown “he” got “last” Nihgjt!!!

And did al yiu Deplorrible peple Knotice “she” diddnt Keel over Not Once The HOLE NIHGHT??? Not Oncet!! Shee “is” in Prefect hellth and jist lyke O”ur” deer Pressdint OBamma he sayes “thare” hasnt nevver been No one whoo More Quillifyed then Hillery for beein Pressdint eccept maybbe Him butt He Is “speccal” becose hes Blackk.

‘A Mighty Fortress’

Even on a Sunday, the bad news doesn’t stop bubbling up from the bottom of the cauldron. Our God laughs at it. The heathen rage, but the walls of the City of God are impregnable.

Does anybody know a glorious, blow-Satan-and-his-stooges-into-extremely-tiny-pieces version of this hymn? If you do, tell me where to find it, and I’ll post it.

Hymn, ‘A Mighty Fortress is Our God’

Now, more than ever, we need to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Turn up the volume on this one: Martin Luther’s hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God.

‘A Mighty Fortress is Our God’ (Yes!)

Turn up the volume on this one: Diane Bish uses the power and  versatility of this huge pipe organ to praise God with Martin Luther’s hymn.

I’ve been to the hospital this morning. Aunt Joan appears to be in no present danger, although they haven’t yet figured out what’s wrong with her. I would like to see her back at the nursing home with her friends.

Oh, she’s not the only family member with serious issues, just now; but I’m not at liberty to talk about any of the others. Besides, what family doesn’t have problems?

God send us strength.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Let’s face it–we’re going to need a mighty fortress now, and the mightiest fortress is our God.

The wicked are dancing in the streets this weekend, but be advised: everything they have raised up, God will bring down. The hour of their destruction is already marked on His schedule.

Let’s see how mighty their fortress is, when God lifts His hand against it.

(Note the man in the back row, with the little baby in his arms.)

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