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By Request, ‘A Mighty Fortress’

Whew! Back from an exhausting trip to Wegman’s: great store, but so noisy, so crowded!

Erlene thought we might enjoy this classic hymn by Martin Luther, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. We need that fortress. And we look forward to that day when the angelic host comes marching out of it.

By Request, ‘A Mighty Fortress’

Lest we grow downhearted, surveying our scarred and cratered cultural landscape, we have this timely hymn request from Susan–A Mighty Fortress Is Our God by Martin Luther, interpreted by Matt Boswell.

Whatever happens, we have got

The Spirit of God–and they have not.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Faith of Our Fathers’

I was sitting outside, working on The Wind From Heaven, the Lord had just showed me how to deal with a thorny problem in the plot, when the bells of St. Francis chimed this hymn, Faith of Our Fathers. I had to come in and post it for you: this lovely version by the kids at Fountainview Academy.

After that the bells played A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, by Martin Luther. Thank you for that, Pope Benedict.

Someday by the grace of God the churches will all be reconciled; and when Christ sets up His throne on earth, they will all be one in Him. Amen!

‘A Mighty Fortress’

Sung with gusto by the Maranatha Promise Band–A Mighty Fortress is Our God, by Martin Luther. God knows we have need of a fortress! “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46).

Even More Good News!

He’s still a mighty fortress! Turn up the volume.

Is this a case of “seek and ye shall find”? More good news–it’s out there.

According to a recently-released study by Harvard and Indiana University Bloomington, Christianity in America is not shrinking, but growing stronger (http://thefederalist.com/2018/01/22/new-harvard-research-says-u-s-christianity-not-shrinking-growing-stronger/?fbclid=IwAR2XkMLvWJzF3P4lTkrhMg-wSVxzmAdiCKhMoGsjhpNuM9s8U-Tu5n2YX9U#.XH7kV-iIzB6.facebook).

Yes, the mainline/flatline denominations are declining like mad, people leaving them in droves. But at the same time, overall church attendance, regular Bible reading, trust in the Bible as God’s word, and daily prayer, have held “steel-bar” steady for the past 50 years. It seems people who leave the loosey-goosey liberal churches don’t stop being Christians. They just go somewhere else.

Not only that: in 1989, studies found 39% of Christians held to “strong beliefs and practices.” In the 2018 study, that number had risen to 47%. And according to a Pew poll, the growth of Christianity in America is not within the church denominations, but in “the non-denominational family.” Meanwhile, Christians have more children than the secular crowd.

It all adds up to a “persistent and exceptional intensity” in American Christianity, says the Harvard-Indiana study.

And gee whiz, for some reason, you don’t hear the nooze media shouting it from the housetops. Probably because it makes them sad.

Couple this with Christianity growing stronger and stronger in Asia and Africa, and what we’ve got is some very good news indeed.

[Thanks to Susan for the news tip.]

‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God’ (with bells!)


Now this is a way to start the day! A Mighty Fortress is Our God–with choir, trumpet, organ.., and handbells. It must take hours and hours of rehearsing, to get it right.

If this hymn doesn’t stir your soul, you’d better check to make sure you can still fog a mirror.

Performed by the choir at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God’

“God is our refuge and strength…” Psalm 46. Martin Luther, inspired by the Psalm, wrote A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. I think you’ll agree we need daily access to that refuge.

Sung here by the Roger Wagner Chorale–turn up the volume.

By Request, ‘A Mighty Fortress’ (GLAD)

Requested by Joshua: A Mighty Fortress, performed a capella by GLAD. There were several video treatments available, but at least one, I feared, might not be comfortable to watch–a picture of a pier running out to sea, made to rock up and down, back and forth, I wonder whose idea that was. But we are here to listen to the hymn.

By Request, ‘A Mighty Fortress’

I still don’t know who’s singing this, but man, it’s great! Requested by Joshua, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, by Martin Luther–complete with lyrics, too, so you can sing along.

This hymn is excellent medicine for those times when we feel down-hearted.

‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our God’

This is 3,000 men at the Shepherds’ Conference singing A Mighty Fortress Is Our God–turn up the volume!

I don’t know about you, but I need my refuge in that mighty fortress.

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