The Image of Our Time

I am sorry to display this picture: a perfect little hand, smaller than a quarter, severed from an aborted baby. I wasn’t going to show it at first. But this is where our country is today, and this is where it’s going.

As the most pertinent image of 2015, it will be hard to beat the pictures of baby parts put up for sale by Planned Parenthood. There are other images that will remain with us: sodomites parading triumphantly through our cities, performing sex acts in front of little children; Bruce Jenner (or is it Bruce Gender?) pretending to be a woman; our “president” smirking at us as he wrecks the country. But the baby parts make the witness that testifies most damningly against us.

Take a good look at that little hand.

This would not be possible without our public schools and what we laughingly call our universities, our nooze media, our “entertainment” industry, our Democrat Party, and the cowardice of the Republicans. In short: This picture is our culture. This is what we have become.

Prediction: Absolutely nothing will be done to rein in Planned Parenthood, much less punish it by taking away its public funding.

Our leaders are content that these things should be so.

That’s why we hate them.