When It Starts Raining Airplanes

Israeli flight to Turkey delayed after plane crash photos sent to  passengers' phones | The Times of Israel

“And they said I couldn’t hit the ocean!”

United Airlines has set itself a goal: 50% of its airline pilots have to be women or [trumpets, please] People Of Color. Whether they can actually fly the plane or not, who cares? It’s affirmative action!

A few days ago Tucker Carlson ruffled some feathers by alluding to a Boeing 767 cargo plane crash in 2019 (https://thenewamerican.com/equity-over-safety-did-an-affirmative-action-pilot-crash-a-plane/). The pilot, originally from Antigua, did poorly on his tests, displaying “a history of acting impulsively” and “an inability to remain calm during stressful situations,” a federal investigator said.

So half the time he jumped the gun and half the time he froze, they hired him anyway because it’s virtue signalling… and he crashed the plane.

Wait’ll in starts raining airplanes. But who cares? The jidrools who make the rules all fly on private jets anyhow–what’s an airliner full of plebs to them?

Live by insane public policies, die by insane public policies.