‘The Least Surprising Poll Results in Human History’ (?)

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Are these “the least surprising poll results in human history”? Could be!

According to an American Family Survey, unmarried liberal women have “the lowest levels of satisfaction with their lives and mental health” of any demographic studied (https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/benbartee/2022/11/05/poll-liberal-women-experience-worst-mental-health-of-all-demographics-n1643015).

Regular people, say the pollsters, are reinforced in their mental health by religion, marriage, and family; while liberals, especially liberal women, tend to come up short in those areas.

Also, unmarried liberal women tend to take Pandemic fear-mongering much more seriously than everybody else does. Well, that’s who’s still wearing the masks, isn’t it? We can see that for ourselves.

How do liberal men score for mental health? Fap! The article didn’t say. The few liberal men I know are as wacky as the women.

If Democrats lose big tomorrow in Election Day, we’re going to see intense liberal lunacy on display all over this land.

Question! Does liberalism make you crazy, or does being crazy make you a liberal?