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Bonus Video: Aslan’s Music

For no other reason than how good it is to hear, this is Aslan’s theme music from the BBC’s 1988 Chronicles of Narnia. It’s short, but it never fails to move me. And these movies were the last Christmas present I got from my father before he died. I have many reasons to treasure them.

Performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra.

‘Aslan’s Theme’ (from BBC’s ‘Narnia’)

Aah! Here’s a piece of music that never fails to soothe my spirit. It’s the theme music, by Geoffrey Burgon, from the BBC Chronicles of Narnia, produced in the 1980s and still wonderful today.

If I can get to Narnia, I reckon I’m right on the road to Beulah Land. I think C.S. Lewis would understand my saying that. In fact, I think that’s why he wrote the Chronicles–to get us (and himself!) fairly started on that journey.

God has given to some the ability to create beauty, to stir souls, to speak to hearts. He gave C.S. Lewis a goodly share of it.

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