They’re Still Rioting

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This past weekend the “Black Lives Matter” wing of the Democrat Party invaded residential neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon, to press for the abolition of police (great idea during a riot!) and to–not exactly “demand,” but “ask” isn’t strong enough–that homeowners open their homes to them as places of refuge (

They also trotted out a model guillotine. Uh, do you see that as kind of a threatening gesture? Like, “Give us what we want or we’ll be killin’ people!” They cut off the head of a teddy bear–representing whom or what, we aren’t sure–and burned it; and also burned several American flags.

Elsewhere in the city, Antifa Democrats rioted and threw feces at pro-police marchers.

Somehow this is supposed to hand the White House and Congress to the Democrats in November. Somehow they’re going to get the American people to believe this is all President Donald Trump’s fault and it’ll stop if Doddering Joe Biden is elected. Honest, it’ll stop right away!

What needs to be stopped is the Democrat Party. Its history needs to come to an end on this Election Day.

We really can’t afford a political party that encourages and sponsors riots.