Another Lib Governor Pops Her Cork

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There are still well-meaning people who think that if only we could have a meaningful dialogue with leftids, we’d come to appreciate each other’s humanity and find ways to resolve our differences. And then we could all go feed the unicorns.

How, for instance, are you supposed to have a meaningful dialogue with the Democrat governor of Oregon, Kate Brown? Appearing recently on some goofy cable TV show–“Democracy Now,” good grief–this Far Left jidrool vowed to “use law enforcement [before or after defunding the police?] to eradicate” President Donald Trump’s “forces” (

She described the perpetual Portland riots as “peaceful protests”–honest, it only hurts when I laugh–and at the same time blamed President Trump and evil “federal officials” for the whole business. Meanwhile, a lot of the rest of the country wondered why the president didn’t intervene to stop the riots. But the governor wants it both ways.

What exactly did she mean by “eradicate”? Make it against the law to have voted for Donald Trump? That would be an ex post facto law, explicitly forbidden by the Constitution–but how many Democrats–or college graduates–would know that? Or care?

She likes Antifa, though. Gotta give her that.

So let’s have a good old-fashioned chin-wag, Ms. Governor. How much time do we have before you call in your goon squad to eradicate me?

What has gone wrong with our civics, that we wound up having people like this holding office in America?

They’re Still Rioting

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This past weekend the “Black Lives Matter” wing of the Democrat Party invaded residential neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon, to press for the abolition of police (great idea during a riot!) and to–not exactly “demand,” but “ask” isn’t strong enough–that homeowners open their homes to them as places of refuge (

They also trotted out a model guillotine. Uh, do you see that as kind of a threatening gesture? Like, “Give us what we want or we’ll be killin’ people!” They cut off the head of a teddy bear–representing whom or what, we aren’t sure–and burned it; and also burned several American flags.

Elsewhere in the city, Antifa Democrats rioted and threw feces at pro-police marchers.

Somehow this is supposed to hand the White House and Congress to the Democrats in November. Somehow they’re going to get the American people to believe this is all President Donald Trump’s fault and it’ll stop if Doddering Joe Biden is elected. Honest, it’ll stop right away!

What needs to be stopped is the Democrat Party. Its history needs to come to an end on this Election Day.

We really can’t afford a political party that encourages and sponsors riots.

Nadler: Portland Riots Never Happened

IG report dices Nadler's credibility and other commentary

The truth is not in him.

You remember this stuffed turkey from the “impeachment” hearings–the waste of space that is Congressman Jerry Nadler from New York.

Asked about how maybe he and other Democrats might possibly denounce the riots in Portland, OR, this past weekend, Nadler said the riots never happened. “That’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, D.C.” (

Click the link for a detailed description of the many kinds of violence featured in Portland’s “peaceful protest.” It was formally declared a riot, by the authorities, on Sunday night.

Nadler and two other Democrats in the House of Representatives condemned… the police. Not the rioters.

I think by now the entire country knows that the term “peaceful protest” is a load of cow flop. The only question that remains–and it may be impossible to get an answer, given the profound dishonesty of our nooze media–is whether the violence is really quite as widespread as it appears to be when we see it on TV. You really don’t know what you can believe anymore. Although you freakin’ well know you can’t believe Nadler.

If you’re even thinking about voting for Democrats in November… see your exorcist.


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Three weeks ago I saw some keep sharing on Social media shared a link from Oregon Live titled “Feds, right-wing media paint Portland as ‘city under siege.’ A tour of town shows otherwise.” Basically this article dismissed those who are concern about the riot in Portland as right wing. I never thought it would happen: […]

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