They’re Still Rioting

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This past weekend the “Black Lives Matter” wing of the Democrat Party invaded residential neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon, to press for the abolition of police (great idea during a riot!) and to–not exactly “demand,” but “ask” isn’t strong enough–that homeowners open their homes to them as places of refuge (

They also trotted out a model guillotine. Uh, do you see that as kind of a threatening gesture? Like, “Give us what we want or we’ll be killin’ people!” They cut off the head of a teddy bear–representing whom or what, we aren’t sure–and burned it; and also burned several American flags.

Elsewhere in the city, Antifa Democrats rioted and threw feces at pro-police marchers.

Somehow this is supposed to hand the White House and Congress to the Democrats in November. Somehow they’re going to get the American people to believe this is all President Donald Trump’s fault and it’ll stop if Doddering Joe Biden is elected. Honest, it’ll stop right away!

What needs to be stopped is the Democrat Party. Its history needs to come to an end on this Election Day.

We really can’t afford a political party that encourages and sponsors riots.

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  1. Portland is a microcosm of what would happen if the Democrats ever got their way. They have allowed that situation get out of control and stay out of control. The Governor, mayor, and city council are all inept and need to be removed from office.

  2. The teddy bear was meant to represent Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. If that didn’t call out the FBI or whoever’s responsible for protecting an elected official below the national level, I don’t know what would.

    1. I don’t know–we have a long tradition of hanging public figures in effigy. It’s funny that they’d want to behead their own Far Left Crazy mayor, though. You just can’t please some people.

    2. The mob comes for everybody eventually, even their own. Maximilien Robespierre found this out the hard way when the French Revolution he helped to create eventually beheaded him.

  3. Yesterday (Sunday) a policeman shot a black man in the back seven times as he got into a vehicle – it is all on video. Here we go again, a perfect excuse to go grab your reparations.

    1. Apparently, he wasn’t “getting into” his vehicle. He was resisting arrest even after having been tasered, and he went to his vehicle and leaned inside. There are a lot more details to come — including the fact that there were several warrants out on him and that he’d once before been involved in an incident in which he’d pulled a gun on a man in a bar. The shooting in this case may or may not have been justified, but the rioting — as well as the condemnation of the police by the governor — started almost immediately after the event, although the governor himself acknowledged in his condemnation that he didn’t know all the details.

    2. When I was a kid we went to this place that was part zoo part amusement park. They had these rabbits in cages and when you put a coin in the machine a bell would go off and the rabbit would perform a trick on command and then receive a food reward. The animal rights activists would have a fit if they had them today. But the situation going on in these predominantly black Democrat controlled cities reminds me of that. A black man gets shot by the police and without knowing any of the facts they are trained to react on cue by rioting. Then they are rewarded by the media, BLM, and the dems who will justify what they did. Let’s just call them the DNC because they’re all the same at this point

      I don’t know any of the details of this case, but nobody else knows either. But the DNC have already established a narrative that makes the police automatically guilty rather it’s justified or not. The vast majority of these incidents involve people doing something illegal and then resisting arrest. And they’ve been emboldened to resist arrest and it gets them killed. Of course they never want to talk about what the suspect did that made them culpable in their own demise.

    3. No doubt at all Lee. But I think it will have the opposite effect. They’re giving us a little slice of what America would like like with them in power and it’s scaring people into Trump’s corner.

      p.s. If I can ask for a prayer request, Hurricane Laura might be coming my way.

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