‘They Look Trumpish! Call the Cops!’

Remember when our local school boards used to represent… us?

Recently the O’Keefe news crew showed up to cover a public–yes, I said “public”–meeting of the Livingston, NJ, school board. “School officials,” claiming they were “intimidated” by these people whom they didn’t recognize, called the police!

Because, an assistant superintendent explained, the newcomers… “looked Trumpish.”

What does that even mean? How does one “look Trumpish”? Honk if you can succeed at finding anything that resembles an explanation. Ought to be a prize for that!

Why should anyone in his right mind want these left-wing loons to be in charge of their children’s, um, “education”? Since when is it a police matter if journalists try to cover a public meeting of a public body?

This has to stop: and for as long as you keep on sending your kids to public schools run by the Far Left Crazy… it won’t. (“Yeahbut, yeahbut! They looked Trumpish!”