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Walk Like a Cat

I’ve never had a cat that walked on its hind legs like the cats in this video. My iguana could do it, but only after he got up a good head of steam. I wonder if there’s any way to induce Peep or Robbie to try it. This would give us enormous prestige.

Cats & Babies: the Legend

Maybe if I write enough headlines like that, I’ll become a legend.

Here we find cats highly motivated to love and protect human babies. And we also find evidence that the human urge to put stuff on cats is probably basic to our nature. It’s always intriguing to see how many things you can put on a cat before he runs out of patience with it.

Undercover Cats

I’ll bet the sight of a cat thrashing around under the sheet was the inspiration for Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad. If not, it should have been.

Y’know, I’ve got to try that trick with the cat under the sheet and the jingly ball thingy on top of it. Looks like fun!

Let Sleeping Cats Sleep

It was, I believe, Hercules who said, “The fuzzier the cat, the more eccentric is his sleeping.” If it wasn’t Hercules, it was someone else.

One of the cats in this video makes a sound exactly like a human baby making a practice run at a very dramatic episode of crying.

Cats: Adventures in Sleeping

Cats do spend an awful lot of time sleeping, but anything can happen to a sleeping cat. If I fell out of bed as often as some of these cats do, I’d have to strap myself in. And cats dream–sometimes very vigorously. Like some of us, when we dream we’re playing basketball.

But they do have us beat, hands-down, for cuteness.

Skiddy Kitties

I think I’ve learned something from this video: if you’re standing on ice and you can see fish light-heartedly swimming around–well, you’re on thin ice! Literally as well as figuratively. Good luck getting back to terra firma.

Or, if you’re a cat, you ignore it and just keep on playing on the ice. If you do fall in, the gavone with the camera will have to rescue you.

More Cats & Christmas Trees

Y’know what’s odd about these videos? Somebody stands there filming it while the cat makes a ruination of their Christmas tree. You’d think they could at least unplug the lights.

Our cats love sleeping under our Christmas tree. True, sometimes we have to stop them from eating bits of it, or slapping at low-hanging ornaments. But none of our cats ever, ever tried to climb our Christmas tree!

Well, we do have that Elf on it, always perched near the top at a good vantage point. Maybe he persuades cats of the inadvisability of climbing the tree. You never know what those guys get up to, after you’ve gone to bed.

Things You Don’t Have to Let Your Cat Do

Contrary to what seems to be an increasingly popular belief, you do not have to let your cat pull down your Christmas tree. None of the cats we’ve had ever attempted to climb the tree. Just put a couple of marbles inside an aluminum can and shake it whenever the cat gets too friendly with the tree. But with some cats you don’t even have to do that. They just naturally don’t pull down the Christmas tree.

As for putting Santa hats or reindeer antlers on the cat, which he sure as shootin’ doesn’t like at all–well, you’ll deserve what’s coming to you. Your cat will think of something you don’t like.

Chillin’ Cats and Dogs (with Bears)

Who doesn’t love a hammock? Never mind if you’re a bulldog or a bear and you can’t quite figure out how it works: most dogs and cats instinctively grasp the art of relaxing on a hammock. This is Evolution at work! Yes, 75 billion years ago, dogs and cats began to relax on “natural hammocks” formed by rather creative spiders [Transmission interrupted. “Hey, who let that guy in here?”] [Normal service resumed]

Bonus Cat Video! Hooray!

I had a lot of agita today, and if you did, too–or even if you didn’t–join me in a funny cat video.

The Metronome is a classic ghost story by August Derleth, about a woman who murders her child and then can’t get rid of his metronome. Scary stuff. I doubt any of the cats in this video did anything that bad, but they sure don’t like metronomes! Maybe August Derleth got his story from a cat.

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