Is Your Cat a Moth Whisperer?

Everybody’s cat chases moths. But does your cat talk to the moths?

Our old cat, Henry, used to give moths a big piece of his mind, especially when they parked on the ceiling, way out of reach. “Come down here, you coward! I triple-dog dare you to come down!” Very strong language for a cat; I know he didn’t learn it from his mother.

Video Treat: Lights Out!

Now for a little fun before I relax with Freddy Goes Camping and probably fall asleep. Watch what happens as this cat tries and tries to catch the moth!

Cats love to chase moths. My old cat Henry, though, also liked to scold the moths. Sometimes a moth would just rest on the ceiling, way out of reach, and then Henry would give the insect a piece of his mind. Really, what that moth was doing wasn’t fair!