Is Your Cat a Moth Whisperer?

Everybody’s cat chases moths. But does your cat talk to the moths?

Our old cat, Henry, used to give moths a big piece of his mind, especially when they parked on the ceiling, way out of reach. “Come down here, you coward! I triple-dog dare you to come down!” Very strong language for a cat; I know he didn’t learn it from his mother.

4 comments on “Is Your Cat a Moth Whisperer?

  1. That’s very familiar cat speak and they use it under many circumstances. I’ve always thought it was so cute – almost like a stutter 🙂 Everything about cats is so wonderful!

  2. I think so too. The only thing about cats that I don’t like is their determination to claw furniture. I never was able to train my last cat
    to go to the proper scratching place. He would just look at me defiantly when I scolded him about the clawing. Good thing my white chair didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    1. Erlene, here are a couple of tricks just in case you should ever need them (or to pass along). They have worked for me in the past:

      Put fresh catnip on the scratching post, and put double-faced tape on the item or area you wish to protect. Cats don’t like the sticky 🙂 Also, I’ve had some success with lining with aluminum foil, but I find the tape much less obvious and very effective.

    2. John D. MacDonald, the mystery writer who created Travis McGee, was a cat fanatic who wrote a wonderful book about his cats.
      He, too, was plagued with clawed furniture. So he bought a special product which you were supposed to spray on your furniture and it would deter the cats from clawing it. Unfortunately, it only made John’s cats sick all over the house.
      He also tells the story of being constantly interrupted in his writing by a cat’s “I’ve got a hairball!” cry. He’d get up from his work and go looking all around, but could never find which cat had a hairball. In the end he discovered that none of his cats had a hairball: it was a mockingbird that had learned to imitate the cat hairball cry.

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