Cat & Squirrel: Where’s This Going?

Is it a good idea to encourage a wild squirrel to venture into the house… where your cat is waiting for him? Oh, but the cat means no harm! We can totally trust the cat not to harm the squirrel… and vice versa. [Quick! Sell this guy something!]

The Squirrel Wants to Play

If you watch squirrels in your yard, you know how playful they are. A broken twig will serve as a toy, if there’s no other squirrel to play with.

Here’s a pet squirrel pulling out all the stops to get the family cat to play tag with him. I don’t think the cat is up to it.

A Cat Who’s Not Afraid to Guard the Door

Yesterday we saw the shameful spectacle of a cat running off to hide when a squirrel tried to get in through the pet door. Today another cat will demonstrate how this situation ought to be handled.

But what I’d like to know is why the squirrel wants to get into the house in the first place.

Squirrel Bugs Cat

Ha-ha-ha! Thanks to this wonderful glass door, Mr. Cat, I can frolic right under your nose and there’s not a thing that you can do about it!

Now I don’t know what kind of mischief the humans want to employ, toward the end of this video. If they let that squirrel into their house, though, they’ll be sorry.

Cats & Squirrels: This Is Getting Weird

We’ve all seen squirrels playing with each other; but the squirrels in this video play with cats. And they don’t get eaten! Not even the suicidal chipmunk whose idea of a good time is to jump into the cat’s face. Even the interactions that look like they could turn out badly–well, the squirrel could run up a tree and get away anytime he pleased. But no–stay and get crazy with the cat.

And you thought the Peaceable Kingdom wouldn’t be fun!

Cat Is Just a Squirrel’s Plaything

I suspect I might have run this video once before, but oh, well–I like it.

These videos of unlikely animal friends: I have to admit they’re getting to me. Working their way into my thought. I think God is trying to tell us something that will be good for us to know.