Cat Is Just a Squirrel’s Plaything

I suspect I might have run this video once before, but oh, well–I like it.

These videos of unlikely animal friends: I have to admit they’re getting to me. Working their way into my thought. I think God is trying to tell us something that will be good for us to know.

7 comments on “Cat Is Just a Squirrel’s Plaything

  1. That cat doesn’t seem at all troubled by the attention of the squirrel. More and more, I wonder if our Maker isn’t preparing us for something. The bible says it will happen, maybe it will be soon.

  2. This cat reminds me of the Scripture that says “…long-suffering, patient, kind…” I never saw a more patient, composed cat. He looks like one I had, but mine never had that kind of patience.

  3. What a patient and laid back cat – and beautiful too! It looked like the squirrel was searching or a nut he’d buried in that nice thick fur 🙂

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