Can You Win a Gold Medal for Fornication?

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[Editor’s Note: This is not a satire. I only wish it were.]

Maybe fornication is not yet an official Olympic sport, but it certainly seems to be the sport of the Olympics. In anticipation of a whole lot of rumpy-pumpy going on, Olympics organizers plan to hand out 110,000 condoms, and put a basketful of condoms next to every toilet, when the Winter Games open in South Korea next week (

That averages out to 37.6 rubbers per athlete. I guess they aren’t expecting to have much else to do in the Olympic Village. Anyone for a game of Clue?

Organizers attribute the anticipated increase in fornication to “more use of dating apps.” I think that means the, er, athletes use some little hand-held gizmo to facilitate hookups.

In addition to being saturated with Far Left globalist politics, the Olympics is also as dirty as can be. And it’s not just the fornication. Anybody notice the doctor for the American “women’s” (girls, actually) gymnastic team getting packed off to prison? And then there are the performance-enhancing drugs… which lead to some really cringe-inducing injuries which can be seen on youtube.

I’d be terribly disappointed in myself if I couldn’t think of at least 500 things to do instead of watching the Olympics.