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Should Journalists Be Beheaded?

Read this headline carefully. It’s from townhall.com.

Imam Says Journalists Should Be Beheaded During Fox News Interview. ( http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2016/06/15/whoa-imam-says-journalists-should-be-beheaded-during-fox-news-interview-n2178837 )

By cracky, that’d make for a mighty lively–or deadly?–interview show. Does this mean it’s the interviewer who gets beheaded, or the guest? Or both, if both are journalists. Would the beheading come before or after a commercial?

You don’t expect to see such a misbegotten headline in such a prominent venue as townhall.com.

Our popular culture: in every way that you can think of, sinking deeper by the day.

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