‘The Chance of a Lifetime’ (2017)

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I refuse to post pictures of these wretched people. Here’s a nice flying fish instead.

Wow! It was the chance of a lifetime! Win a picnic on Catalina Island… with Bruce (“Call me Caitlyn, dammit!”) Jenner. Who was once a man–and still is, if you could ask his cells.

‘The Chance of a Lifetime’!

I forget what you had to do to win this, uh, prize. Probably something really degrading. Maybe even as shameful as hosting a show on Fox Nooze as supposedly a (LOL) “conservative” and see how many female pronouns you can cram into one paragraph about Bruce Gender. You could pretend you were Sean Hannity.

Nah, that’s just too cruel.

Why Do They Lie?

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I just can’t understand why highly-credentialed, supposedly expert, highly-paid big shots keep saying things they know perfectly well aren’t true. Not only untrue, not only lies–but also gross violations of decency. And even basic sanity.

I’m thinking, of course, of political leaders, news pundits, alleged scientists, college professors, public school teachers, sports officials–you name it–who insist that men can become women, women can become men, America is the most evil racist country in the world, Climbit Chainge is gonna kill us all unless we give absolute power to the government… and on and on and on, not a word of it true.

And they know that none of it is true. At least I hope they do; because if they didn’t, they would be not only evil, but terrifyingly stupid. And it’s dangerous to let power rest in the hands of stupid people.

So Fox Nooze, formerly (and supposedly!) a conservative news network, quick as boiled asparagus, does a full 180 and hires Bruce Jenner as a commentator–falling all over themselves to hail and praise this addled, troubled man as some kind of civil rights pioneer for saying he’s a woman. The insincerity is breathtaking. You could fill the Grand Canyon with it. Nor can one help asking, “Well, what else have they been telling lies about?”

Trying to understand it wears me out. We encounter it every single day. Is it for more money? More power? More fame? Or have they just gone barking mad? (“Hunter Biden has done nothing wrong!”)

Pray for deliverance. We need it.

Fox News: Should Be Faux Nooze

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It wasn’t their fault they went extinct. What’s our excuse?

Hey! Remember Fox News? Democrats called it a far right fake news outlet that tricked poor stupid peasants into being conservatives.

Ah! But that was before Fox hired Bruce Jenner (“Oh, call me Caitlyn! ‘Cause I’m a woman now”). This weird guy with lipstick. And they’re gushing over him, all these so-called “conservatives” who will now be his co-workers. They hail him as “a pioneer.”

Tell me: if you can’t even conserve the distinction between a man and a woman, what can you conserve?

And y’know what’s scariest about the whole thing? The way people whom you’d swear would know better just, in record time or no time at all, spin their moral compass 180 degrees and embrace and celebrate what only yesterday they decried as sin and moral chaos.

Because some guy says he’s now a woman, does that make him a woman? Really? You really, truly, believe that?

The Lord is going to have His work cut out for Him, trying to save this world.

What Happens When You Appease the Bullies? (Ask Fox News)

Was appeasing Hitler actually a masterstroke? | Daily Mail Online

For some reason appeasement never seems to work.

Hey! Remember how Fox News, going down the home stretch in the election campaign, alienated a major portion of its viewers by turning against President Trump and suddenly running in the pack with all the Far Left nooze media? Remember how mad that made a lot of us?

We felt betrayed–and what has Fox News gotten for it? What was their reward for going over to the dark side?

Ta-dah! The Far Left wants them put right out of business, taken off the air (https://townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2021/01/26/democrats-only-embrace-cancel-culture-against-the-right-n2583687). “Should Fox News be allowed to exist?” pondered some fat-head on the Left. CNN, MSNBC, and the Washington Post have all called for Fox News to be snuffed out.

As Churchill once said of Chamberlain, he wants to embrace shame to avoid war–and he will get both war and shame.

That’s what Fox News got for betraying its viewers. They deserted their old friends and their new friends want them wiped out. Gee, not a dry eye in the house…


Dems Seek Still More Control over Nooze Media

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So Fox News, in 2016, did not run a story about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s so-called affair with porn actress “Stormy” Daniels–and now House Democrats are looking to punish Fox for that decision (https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2019/04/02/house-democrats-want-oversight-over-fox-news-editorial-decisions/).

This is our “free and independent press” that the Dems absolutely love when it’s carrying their water–which most nooze outlets do, most of the time. And now Dems are saying that the “free and independent press” should be punished for freely and independently choosing not to cover a certain story in time to bend an election toward the Democrats.

Are these people totally disgusting, or what?

So the House Committee on Crushing Freedom or whatever they call it has demanded “documents” held by the Fox reporter who researched Trump & Daniels. Meanwhile her editor has told them to take a long walk off a short pier.

They want the “documents” because they’re trying to show that Fox’s decision not to run with the story constituted an in-kind campaign contribution and therefor violated campaign finance law.

They could just as easily say a favorable story about a candidate was also an in-kind contribution and a violation of the law. They can get you for running with the story, or they can get you for not running with it. Either way, they’ve got you.

So what we have here is a barefaced attempt to exercise total control over what news gets reported in America and what news doesn’t–even at a time when almost all the “mainstream” nooze media have voluntarily sold themselves into slavery to the Democrat Party: and sold themselves cheap, at that.

If you voted for them, you really ought to be ashamed of yourself.

‘Should Journalists Be Beheaded?’ (2016)

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Gee, ya think?

Misbegotten headlines have always been a rich source of accidental comedy (“New insecticide kills aunts on contact!”), but you’d think that today, with all the time and money spent on education, and all the technological back-up, howlers from the press would go extinct. But not so!

“Imam says journalists should be beheaded during Fox News interview.”


I don’t think the headline writer meant to raise the question of should journalists be behead; and, if so, when and where. I wonder what the answer would be, if you took a nationwide poll. During the actual interview, though–I don’t know. It’d make a mess of the studio.

The Top 50 Websites: 5 for Porn

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Yeah, all right, Google and Facebook are No. 1 and No. 2, not surprisingly, with Youtube No. 3: but in a recently published list of America’s top 50 websites, Numbers 6, 7, 8, 17, and 28 are porn sites (https://www.similarweb.com/top-websites/united-states).

That’s an awful lot of people spending an awful lot of time watching dirty videos.

For what it’s worth, Fox News has pulled ahead of CNN. There are times when the nooze bears more than a little resemblance to pornography.

I wonder why our culture can’t do better than this. Any theories, anyone?




Pure Crapola from the Nooze Media

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So it turns out–according to nooze media motormouth Chuck Todd–that there’s been a vast right-wing conspiracy to discredit our crusading-for-truth nooze media, and we only despise them because Roger Ailes and Fox News tricked us into distrusting the media, and Hillary shoulda been president but we got tricked out of that, too, blah-blah-blah (https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/09/its-time-for-the-press-to-stop-complainingand-to-start-fighting-back/569224/).

Anyhow, blabs Todd, it’s time for the media to “fight back” against “the campaign to destroy the legitimacy of the American news media,” because the “hatred was artificially stoked” (we’re supposed to love them!) by “exploiting the fears of older white people” who are just too ignorant and deplorable to reward the noozies with their due degree of veneration, etc. There’s a limit to how much of this bilge I can read on a hot day. Note they never miss a chance to play the race card.

Anyone who portrays Hillary Clinton as honest doesn’t deserve to be listened to. Not for a minute.

They still cling bitterly, as former President *Batteries Not Included would say, to their core belief that the natural default position of any sane human being is Far Left crazy, and that’s where we’d all be if it weren’t for Fox News and Lex Luthor or some other super-villain tricking us into being conservatives.

Guys, we only loath you because you’re loathsome.

May we live to see them all go out of business.

Should Journalists Be Beheaded?

Read this headline carefully. It’s from townhall.com.

Imam Says Journalists Should Be Beheaded During Fox News Interview. ( http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2016/06/15/whoa-imam-says-journalists-should-be-beheaded-during-fox-news-interview-n2178837 )

By cracky, that’d make for a mighty lively–or deadly?–interview show. Does this mean it’s the interviewer who gets beheaded, or the guest? Or both, if both are journalists. Would the beheading come before or after a commercial?

You don’t expect to see such a misbegotten headline in such a prominent venue as townhall.com.

Our popular culture: in every way that you can think of, sinking deeper by the day.