Killer ‘On The’ Looose!!! Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal 20.5 oz. Box

Man, I jist heered fromb somb boddy he seen it “on” TV, “thare is” a Cereal Killer on “The” llooose!!!!!!!! He “is” going Araond to collidge kampusses and murdring stoodints and prefesters!!!

Whhat kynde “Of” Cereal is he yusing??? Whatt kynde “of” Cereal doo his Vicktumbs eet?? And we deefunddid the Poleece so The Stoodint Soviet thay whil has to ketch this heer Crimmnal!!!!!!

I aksed “whoose he kilt So Faar”?”? but this heer gye he toled me the TV “it” didnt Say!! He been in Kandziz, Oaklerhoama, Spane, and somb plaice cauled Tartarus–awl of themb “Are” plaices “ware thay” eet Cereal!!!! Thare mussed Be “a” conniption!!! But lyke Shorlock Homes he oncet sayed,, “Oncet yiu “has” extopiated the Impermeeable,, then the implodable it Mussed “be” true!”!”!!”

We are advyzed Not To eet enny Cereal at awl until thay Ketch the Killer!!! He wast lasst sceen hanging aout By “the” Lucky Charms!!!!