I Triple-Dog Dare You…

Monopoly Go To Jail Greeting Card by Jas Stem

They were bragging about it all weekend, but suddenly the picture’s gotten a bit foggy.

Will they arrest President Donald Trump tomorrow, or chicken out? Arrest him for being blackmailed. It’s a crime. Unless it happens to a Democrat. Then it’s nothing.

But today there seem to be a fair number of Democrats frantically shouting “Stop! Wait! Are you crazy? Don’t do this!”

Why not? ‘Cause it’ll drive 75 million Trump voters crazy and fill them, in Admiral Yamamoto’s words, “with a terrible resolve.”

It would surely inspire such hatred, such disgust, for the Democrat Party as has not been seen before. Might even drive the bastards out of business.

It could touch off violence. Democrats usually encourage riots and try to profit from them. But I don’t think they’d profit by these riots.

It would drive a stake of cynicism into America’s heart.

But hey, Democrats–if you’re up for it, go for it! See what happens. Go on, I dare you! Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out. Let’s just see if America’s ready for full-blown, Mao-style socialism.

And don’t forget to run Hillary again in 2024.