‘A Mighty Fortress is Our God’ (Yes!)

Turn up the volume on this one: Diane Bish uses the power and  versatility of this huge pipe organ to praise God with Martin Luther’s hymn.

I’ve been to the hospital this morning. Aunt Joan appears to be in no present danger, although they haven’t yet figured out what’s wrong with her. I would like to see her back at the nursing home with her friends.

Oh, she’s not the only family member with serious issues, just now; but I’m not at liberty to talk about any of the others. Besides, what family doesn’t have problems?

God send us strength.

‘O, God, Our Help in Ages Past’

I really didn’t feel like posting a hymn before I rushed off to the doctor this morning and found out what I was in for. But then I thought I’d better take the same advice I keep dispensing: sing louder. When things get bad, sing louder.

So here is Diane Bish on a colossal big pipe organ performing O, God, Our Help in Ages Past.

And our hope in years to come: although if He sees me through this morning without any evil tidings falling on my head, I’ll be very thankful for that.