Man–with High Heels, Hot Pants, and Pole-Dancing Moves

[Warning: The images displayed in the video are quite disgusting, although they are certainly relevant. With that in mind, view at your own risk–LD.]

The United Kingdom has soared back into first place in the cultural meltdown sweepstakes, brushing aside America’s ROTC cadets in ladies’ shoes and the new Internet marketing of lingerie for men.

Britain’s entry is a car insurance ad.

See, this guy has just saved some money on his car insurance. Does he read the notice and smile, and maybe whistle a happy tune? Nope. He dons hot pants and high heels and gets out on the sidewalk where he can show off his pole-dancing moves. In the background we hear some alleged music whose lyric asks, “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?”

Uh, no. Absolutely, positively no.

A colleague in England alerted me to this abomination, observing that men in the UK don’t dare complain about something like this for fear of being branded Homophobic (which, you know, contributes to Global Warming and is Very, Very B-A-D).

Let me repeat a law of nature.

If you kill your culture, your culture will kill you right back.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.