It’s ‘Unfair’ to Hire a Tutor for Your Kids?

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“Don’t talk to me, I only run the place.”

Do you still doubt that villains and idiots are in charge of public education? Here, here’s some more evidence!

Fairfax County, Virginia, suburb of Washington D.C., one of the richest counties in America (love them government paychecks!)–Fairfax school authorities have objected to parents hiring tutors for their children to tide them over while the schools are all closed by the coronavirus panic (

See, it’s “not fair”! What about parents who just don’t bother with a tutor? What about parents who can’t afford one? Not that there are likely to be many of those in Fairfax County. And no pooling your money to hire a tutor for a “homeschooling pod” serving several families–that’s not fair, either.

Sez the school district authorities, hiring a tutor, cooperating to hire a tutor, or switching over to homeschooling are all unfair because–wait for it!–“they may widen the gap in school access and equity for all students.” How about the gap between the administrator’s ears? Well, if that got any wider, his head would fall apart down the middle.

So everybody has to slow down in order to keep up with the dumbest, the laziest, the least motivated? Well, yeah–that’s exactly what they’re saying. If your kid winds up better educated than another kid–because you and your family worked to make it happen–that’s not “equity”! Boo, hiss!

And you want to send your children back to schools run by these nincompoops because __________?