Cats Steal Dogs’ Beds

Maybe you’ve witnessed some of these little dramas in your home.

I feel for the beagle who has given up the struggle and tries to sleep in the cat’s bed, which is about three times too small for him.

The cats do seem to have the upper hand… but not all the time.

Do Cats Have Rubber Bones?

Cats like to hide. They like to hide in tight places. If they don’t have flexible rubber bones, how do they manage to pour themselves into jars? It takes some real contortionist’s tricks to get into some of those hiding places.

I’m sure some of you like to hide sometimes. But humans will never catch up to cats in that field of art.

Extra Chuckle: Cat Tries to Eat Picture of Food

In all honesty, I thought it was a plate full of cookies, or cold cuts, too. In fact, it’s just a placemat. But it was realistic enough to fool a cat.

Tricky business, all that two vs. three-dimensional stuff. Good thing there aren’t more dimensions.

Back to bed!

Video Treat: Non-Kissy Cats

Watch what happens to the one poor guy when he tries to kiss his cat. Some cats just aren’t having any.

I am happy to say that our cats here at Chez Leester are of the kissable variety.