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Walk Like a Cat

I’ve never had a cat that walked on its hind legs like the cats in this video. My iguana could do it, but only after he got up a good head of steam. I wonder if there’s any way to induce Peep or Robbie to try it. This would give us enormous prestige.

Cats & Babies: the Legend

Maybe if I write enough headlines like that, I’ll become a legend.

Here we find cats highly motivated to love and protect human babies. And we also find evidence that the human urge to put stuff on cats is probably basic to our nature. It’s always intriguing to see how many things you can put on a cat before he runs out of patience with it.

Not-so-Peaceful Coexistence

Those howling huskies give me a whole new appreciation of lizards and turtles as pets.

Anyway, it’s nice when all your pets get along, but it’s not something you can count on all the time. Our two cats would cheerfully murder each other, although they will close ranks if a moth or spider threatens them. They may believe they’re protecting us.

How Critters Cope with Ice

Most of these cats and dogs seem to be enjoying themselves on the ice, except for those who fall through. And also the poor dogs who can’t climb up a slippery hill without sliding back down.

Gee, it’s been a long time since I cavorted around on the ice…

Can Your Cat Speak English?

See the source image

They say a dog has the intelligence of a two-year-old child and can understand more than a hundred words.

My old orange cat, Buster, had that beat by miles. Two examples:

As he sat in the window, I remarked to him, “Buster, have you noticed how fat your sister’s getting? She needs more exercise. Why don’t you chase her up the stairs?” He jumped down from the window and did just that.

Another time, while he was recovering from dental surgery and still a little groggy, and slow in getting motivated, I made a suggestion to him, based on the fact that we had his litter box upstairs in the bathroom. “Whattaya say, Buster? How about we go up to the bathroom and have a pee?” And up he went, straight to the litter box: and he was just fine after that.

Another one of our cats, Henry, liked baseball and would argue about it to the best of his ability. I’m sure he understood what I was saying to him, but I was much too dense to understand what he was saying to me. It was either about stealing bases or stealing the runners who were on the bases; I couldn’t figure out which.

Undercover Cats

I’ll bet the sight of a cat thrashing around under the sheet was the inspiration for Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad. If not, it should have been.

Y’know, I’ve got to try that trick with the cat under the sheet and the jingly ball thingy on top of it. Looks like fun!

Let Sleeping Cats Sleep

It was, I believe, Hercules who said, “The fuzzier the cat, the more eccentric is his sleeping.” If it wasn’t Hercules, it was someone else.

One of the cats in this video makes a sound exactly like a human baby making a practice run at a very dramatic episode of crying.

They Play Like Cats and Dogs

Try as hard as you like, you can’t get frogs to do this–not even grey tree frogs, which are just about the nicest frogs you’d ever want to meet. If you want playing and cuddling, you have to turn to the mammals. (Well, my iguana used to cuddle with a cat and a dog who were his friends, but he never played any games with them.)

See–cats don’t always pick on dogs, and dogs don’t always pick on cats. They can have a lot of fun together.

And fun is a gift of God.


Bonus Video: The Power of the Cat

Come on, now, this is just ridiculous! How do cats do it? Most of the dogs in these video clips are several times larger than the cats who dominate them with a look. What are they afraid of? A tap on the butt as they pass?

Really, cats do have a lot of things figured out…

Cats: Adventures in Sleeping

Cats do spend an awful lot of time sleeping, but anything can happen to a sleeping cat. If I fell out of bed as often as some of these cats do, I’d have to strap myself in. And cats dream–sometimes very vigorously. Like some of us, when we dream we’re playing basketball.

But they do have us beat, hands-down, for cuteness.

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