A School for Ducklings

Here’s something a little different, you won’t see it every day. The high school’s door is open, so a mother duck leads her ducklings into the building.

Is she taking them on a tour? Is it a short-cut to the pond? We never had ducks and ducklings in my high school. But they we never had any of those weird-looking steel chairs, either–those things that look like props for a movie about mad scientists. Maybe the ducks are looking for the movie.

Sleepy Ducklings

This is kind of short, but you’re gonna love it. And if you watch it twice, it’ll seem twice as long.

It’s just a pair of tuckered-out ducklings. Who knows what they did to get so sleepy?

A Drama with Webbed Feet

I was going to headline this video “Ducklings with True Grit,” but decided that sounded too much like a recipe that was better left alone.

You may get a little worried while watching this, but stay with it–a happy ending is guaranteed.