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Slick, Sleazy PBS Nooze

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I wasn’t going to cover any nooze today, but this bit of  “Aren’t we clever!” from PBS caught my eye.

Tennessee has enacted a law that allows for public funding of adoption agencies even if they refuse, on religious and sanity grounds, to hand children over to “LGBTQ” households (https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/tennessee-governor-signs-anti-lgbtq-adoption-bill). Nine other states have already done so. The law does not change anything; it only protects some adoption agencies from being forced to change.

So naturally PBS reports it as an “anti-LBGTQ adoption law.”

The law–regrettably!–does not stop adoption agencies from doing “gay” adoptions. It only protects religious freedom by saying agencies do not have to do them, and can’t be punished, by having their funding pulled, for not doing them.

If you can’t see the difference, you’re a Democrat.

Yo, PBS! You have just demonstrated one of many reasons why most people don’t trust the nooze media anymore. Very slick, but not slick enough.

We’re on to the nooze media; and maybe someday we’ll elect a Congress that has the guts to pull PBS’s funding.


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