Global Corporate Tax? Question! Question!

Government Official Stealing Money Taxpayers Stock Photo (Edit Now)  283664798

There’s a lot of talk just now about a “global corporate tax,” 15% minimum, on multinational corporations–some 130 national governments say they really want it.

Question! Who does this tax get paid to?

Question! What are they authorized to do with all that money? Or what are they likely to do with it (besides just steal it)?

Question! Who (if anyone!) will be accountable to the public for how the money is spent?

Governments have an insatiable appetite for scarfing down other people’s money. They’ve been allowed to get away with it for far too long.

Do we really, truly, trust a cabal of globalist mountebanks with any power to tax? Oh, not that anybody’s asking us for our permission! They never do, do they? The dukes and countesses never have to ask the serfs’ permission. Do we ever get to know what they’ll do with the money?

Honk if you think this is a good thing.